The FO76 Bounty Hunters is a military-bounty hunter organization. "We are a bounty hunter faction with morals of the Minutemen with military training. This faction's main goal is to help players against raiders who are griefing and making Fallout 76 less enjoyable to those who just want to be left alone to explore West Virginia. We do PvE, PvP, and Settlemen Building. By joining us you must not! be in any raider related clubs." - FO76 Bounty Hunters Xbox Club (Yes that's just the description lmao)


  • The Mountaineers
  • The Mountain Hunters
  • Others not able to be named due to spies


  • The Enclave (Recruitment)
  • Raiders (Just all of them basically)

(More lore coming from ClerkyFoot who is making a lore page somewhere idk)